Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Young and Crushed

Longing to feel
Longing to touch
that beautiful skin
that even bigger heart
I sat here staring
dreaming, wishing
Would you notice
or even know my name
This familiar emotion
felt over and over again
It started with excitement
fun, cheekiness, that adrenalin rush
that impulsive action
that you did before you give it a thought
Some stupid things you do
Sure it feels good
playing you up

But do I realise
I'm in this game alone
A hand clapped on its own is never gonna make a sound
Tennis ball bounces helplessly at the other end of the court
A ring without a finger
Wish you'd tell me what's that for
Cuz I want you to turn this into reality
No more fantasies
Give me real deal

But I know I'm not ready
I'm just a kid and you're a grown up now
It's devastating, heartbreaking
to accept that ugly truth, the solid fact
This is just another fairy tale
Build up by this sordid, little mind
And I know the ending
I've been there, done that

Hey, you, that'll just be it
You'll be gone and I'm gonna mourn
silently, nobody needs to know
How the hell's the gonna understand
This crushed heart is desperate
for a cure, a treatment, a TLC
that only you can provide
I'll just add your name
to the list of "if only I could..."

Crush my heart, burn my cheeks
Give me heat, that blood pumping energy
Allow me to let my dream run wild
with you
Be it pathetic but that's the only way
I could reach to you
Hear me out now
You're untouchable, but

Te AmO MuchOs!!!

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